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18 January, 2008 / Erik

Joe Morton’s Misfits of Science

Another reoccurring feature here at Future Threat. Joe Morton, actor, warns of a science breakthroughs that may run amok in the future.

“Hi, Joe Morton back from the Void at the edge of existence with another Joe Morton’s Misfits of Science. Today’s Episode: Direct Retinal Advert Injections.

“Scientists have devised a way to imprint circuits and light emitting diodes on the surface of a contact lens. This breakthrough paves the way for a wearable lens to give you direct information only you can see. Will this lead to less highway accidents or a bombardment of advertising leading to road blindness as the billboards reach out to sell you a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm?

“I’m Joe Morton and this has been Joe Morton’s Misfits of Science.”


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  1. Shannon / Jan 22 2008 6:43 pm

    There have been so many times I’ve squinted at that Las Vegan billboard at 70mph, wondering if it read $6.99 seafood buffet or $9.99 brunch buffet. I have tremendous faith that this breakthrough will save hundreds of lives each year by preventing traffic accidents with its corporation to brain direct advertising. Hurrah!

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