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25 January, 2008 / Erik

The Unknown Soldier

I forgot to mention what might be the 100 million dollar ending to the format war. Warner Bros. was compelled to go Blu-ray exclusive a week or so ago, causing the HD-DVD camp to pack up their Consumer Electronic Show press conference and party. Meanwhile, Computerworld reports the following:

“According to raw retail data collected by NPD, consumers bought just 1,758 HD DVD players the week of January 12, down from 14,558 players the week before. In contrast, consumers bought 21,770 Blu-ray Disc machines, up from 15,257 the previous week.”

The article later warns it is still too early to predict if this is a permanent drop in sales, but it seems Sony has won a significant victory to format supremacy.

Which would be great if the Blu-Ray format were, in fact, a finished spec. It turns out Sony rushed Blu-Ray to market and it is not as full featured as initial designed. The complete spec, profile 2.0 will not be available to current players except the Playstation 3. Unless you have a PS3, wait. By December, the format will be stable, prices good, and all your old DVDs will play on the new player.

Or you could just download your movies. The whole hi-def thing might just be an enthusiast market like Laserdisc before it.


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  1. RedQueenAR / Jan 26 2008 5:00 pm

    No… no more format war discussion… it hurts… it hurts…

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