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Erik Amaya is a professional writer living in California’s San Gabriel Valley. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Southern California, and a Masters of Arts in Novel Writing from the University of Manchester in the UK. While living in England, he completed his first full-length novel, “The Fuller Equation.” With Mark Carpenter, he established SATELLITE FICTION, home on the web to great short fiction.

In 1998, he created, “The Satellite Show,” a comedy internet radio show, which he hosted until May of 2003. Though not a member of any organized religion, Erik has a passion for religious study; viewing humanity’s attempt to define faith as a central underpinning of society. He is concerned with the role of manhood in American culture. His work has a common theme in regard to personal responsibility and the loss of hope of the younger generations.

Currently, he writes the Comic Reel every weekday morning at

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