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21 January, 2010 / Erik

Interviewed by Octopus

Katherine, Louis, Justin and myself were all interviewed over at Aesthetic Octopus about Comments in Your Pocket and “The Room Responds.” Take a look:

Well I am very glad this isn’t a one-off video and you have plans to expand the series. Would you like to let us know what we can expect from future episodes?

Katherine: You can expect to see reflections of your life.  Duh!  You can expect further commentary on the character.  We’re bringing him into different environments.  He won’t exclusively be behind a computer.

Justin: A lot more references to B movies of the ’80s and early ’90s.  Louis and I watch too much TV.

Louis: As they said, more references, bigger situations, more puppets. Lisa will be a fun one.

Erik: A fun new look at breakfast cereal, Tommy’s secret love for the Great Ships of the 19th Century, and a dissertation on the Bruce Willis classic “Color of Night.”

Meanwhile, after discovering The School on iTunes, I think I’ve become infected with twee. It’s more insidious than THS and harder to shake than bad dental habits. More on that should I pronounce with sweater-vests and scruffy hair.

20 January, 2010 / Erik

The Room Responds, Episode Two

Tommy continues his quest to answer his email; a murder occurs.

31 December, 2009 / Erik

The Room Responds

On the last day of 2009, we introduce a new series, “The Room Responds:”

22 December, 2009 / Erik

Best of Yakmala 2010: Color of Night

With another year down the drain, it is time to honor the films that stood out in the memory of the Yakmala Group.  Entering the Yakmala Hall of Fame does not mean the movie is from this year or even one we’ve screened in the past twelve months. A Best Of film just requires persistence of memory. We usually do Best Of in January, but with our Xmas movie options pretty much exhausted, we chose to do Best Of in lieu of Yulemala. Let’s start with “Color of Night.”

One of our rotating themes is “Full Frontal Yakmala,” films in which nudity is a major calling card of the film, but not necessarily an attractive aspect. “Color of Night” is such a film. After the success of “Basic Instinct,” filmmakers all over the world rushed to create bigger budget “Erotic Thrillers” hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. Now, anyone who had Cinemax at the time already knew the “Erotic Thriller” sat in the ghetto of filmmaking for years and the difference between the sub-genre and softcore porn is a hazy fog filter at best.

“Color of Night” stars Bruce Willis as a despondent psychiatrist who blames himself for the hilarious death of a patient. This event leaves Willis’s character color blind. Taking a leave of absence from his practice, he goes to visit his old pal SCOTT BAKULA in sunny Los Angeles. The first time I saw this movie, I expected it to be Clive Barker’s “Lord of Illusion” because of Bakula. He wasn’t exactly a star at the time, but not exactly obscure either. Anyway, Bakula leads a therapy group consisting of a neat freak played by Brad Dourif, a nymphomaniac played by Leslie Anne Warren, a S&M enthusiast played by Kevin J. O’Connor, a shattered ex-cop played by Lance Henriksen, and Richie, a sexually ambiguous young man who is NOT PLAYED by the film’s romantic lead Jane March.

Look at the above pictures. There is no way this confused young man is played by flesh in the pan mid-90s sex kitten Jane March. It’s unreasonable to think such a thing. Read more…

10 December, 2009 / Erik

David Lynch meets George Lucas

Not a hoax. Not a dream. Back in the early 80s, David Lynch was offered many film in the wake of “The Elephant Man.” He met with Universal to discuss “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and he famously turned down “Return of the Jedi.” Lynch eventually chose “Dune.” While many people hate the film or believe it doesn’t do justice to the book, I love the movie.

Anyway, here’s Lynch talking about his experience meeting Lucas: