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22 February, 2010 / Erik

iPhone: Day Two

Following the aborted attempt to buy an iPhone Saturday night, I went to the slightly closer AT&T Store to make my purchase. It seems  16 or 17 hours made the difference and the network was available again.


While I was in the shop getting the pitch on their U-Verse service, a local Southern California newsman came into complain about his service the previous night. I couldn’t make out the whole thing, but it seems the network shut down may not have been planned. Local newsman found his iPhone could not connect to the network and got some dubious tech support over the phone. The people at the AT&T store were pretty understanding; some of the problem was outside their control and the local newsman never pulled the “Don’t you know who I am?” card.

So, now I’m part of that Legion of the Damned known as iPhone users and Hell has never looked so good.

NOTE: Due to various arcane discounts and plans, I don’t have the option to leave AT&T. The lovely new Android phones are not an option. With that lock-in in mind, I chose the iPhone. Also, I chose to wait until Apple had made three product revisions until opting in. Just like I did with the iPod. Despite being fascinated with technology, I tend to exercise caution in most cases.

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  1. Tim / Feb 23 2010 8:46 am

    The important question is: did you get the shotgun application?

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