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21 January, 2010 / Erik

Interviewed by Octopus

Katherine, Louis, Justin and myself were all interviewed over at Aesthetic Octopus about Comments in Your Pocket and “The Room Responds.” Take a look:

Well I am very glad this isn’t a one-off video and you have plans to expand the series. Would you like to let us know what we can expect from future episodes?

Katherine: You can expect to see reflections of your life.  Duh!  You can expect further commentary on the character.  We’re bringing him into different environments.  He won’t exclusively be behind a computer.

Justin: A lot more references to B movies of the ’80s and early ’90s.  Louis and I watch too much TV.

Louis: As they said, more references, bigger situations, more puppets. Lisa will be a fun one.

Erik: A fun new look at breakfast cereal, Tommy’s secret love for the Great Ships of the 19th Century, and a dissertation on the Bruce Willis classic “Color of Night.”

Meanwhile, after discovering The School on iTunes, I think I’ve become infected with twee. It’s more insidious than THS and harder to shake than bad dental habits. More on that should I pronounce with sweater-vests and scruffy hair.

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