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11 September, 2009 / Erik

Fuller Equation Resumes Next Week

Chapter Seven is written, but the editor I press-ganged into service has not yet sent me corrections and I’d hate to post a rough draft without at least a little revision. Biweekly Fuller will resume this coming Wednesday.

Since I’m doing housekeeping in this post, be sure to check the Twitter feed for CBR updates. My review of “Whiteout” is up. While I don’t praise the film, I think some of the over critiques are being overly harsh to it. To read their reviews, it would appear the film is some cinematic crime. Having watch many, many, many crimes against film, I can safely say “Whiteout” is a by-stander. Now that I think about, I may have to do a post about movies that are just there, but neither delight nor anger.

Meanwhile, here’s the Flavor of Hawaii:

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