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5 August, 2009 / Erik

The Fuller Process

caustic_osha_caution_signNo new Fuller today as the next several chapters will take more work to prepare. In the initial draft of the book, these chapters feature some of the least successful material in the novel. In lieu of chapter seven, I thought I’d talk a little bit about how this thing got put together and what I do to make it ready for broadcast here at Future Threat.

Fuller began sometime in 1998 with many of his basic traits appearing quickly. The first twelve chapters were written in quick succession, but the 2000 election derailed the work as reality became more surreal than my fiction. I picked it up again in 2003 as a masters thesis.

The Thesis Version

The Thesis Version

While I was happy with the thesis version at the time, it soon became clear readers didn’t start enjoying the book until chapter twelve. The preceding material had to go.

And in all of this,  chapters seven  through eleven were always the worst of the lot.

So, I think I’ll take an extra break every six chapters to be sure the whole thing is still working and, really, to do page one rewrite of those problem chapters, filling it with material that reflects the rest of the novel. Once that is done, I might make some of the deleted material available with notes on editing and why, sometimes, you have to start over.

Meanwhile, I’ve added a dedicated Fuller page to the site linking directly to the chapters available. I’d appreciate it if you direct people there using the tinyurl:

Chapter Seven will appear next week and we will return to the normal bi-weekly schedule.

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