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31 July, 2009 / Erik

Comic-Con: The Room

tommyLast Thursday, after the Astro Boy panel and wandering the floor for a bit, I already felt the need to escape downtown San Diego. Luckily, I had arranged to have dinner with my good friends Tim and Chelsea the week before. They actually live there, but were not coming to the media circus. They took me to a greek restaraunt, which was just the restorative I needed. Also, martinis were had.

Then came the phone call, “Es thes Errrik?”


“Thes es Tommy from ‘The ROOM!'”

Turns out while I was enjoying beef and cheese, the Yakmala gang had tracked down Tommy Wiseau on the Convention floor and arranged for him to give me a call. Now, Tommy’s voice is something like Dr. Nick Riviera, which means this could’ve been a put on. Between the accent and the “stellar” AT&T service, I couldn’t exactly make out what Tommy was saying. But then, a new voice came on the line:

“Hey, this is Mark from ‘The Room.'” Actor Greg Sestero’s voice is immediately recognizable and utterly impossible to mimic. This was the real deal.

Already being two martinis in, I had the reflex response: “Oh, hai, Mark!” After a brief chat with Sestero, Tommy came back on the line to say good-bye.


Flash foward to Saturday. Tommy and Sestero are back promoting “The Room.” I decide to walk over and snap a few pictures.


At the same time, Thomas Lennon of “The State” and “Reno 911” appears to shake hands with Tommy and Sestero. He then disappears.


About ten minutes later, Lennon reappears with a stack of “Room” DVDs. Turns out he waited in the line. How classy is that?

The three posed for pictures:



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  1. thezeroofform / Jul 31 2009 9:15 am

    Holy Crap.

    Thomas Lennon and Thomas Wiseau.

    In the same place.

    I feel like something in the universe is torn and will never be whole again.

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