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30 July, 2009 / Erik

Comic-Con: Podcasting


So while at Comic-Con, I appeared on a couple of episodes of Destroy All Podcasts DX at the Kotobukiya booth. The above photo is from their stage. In the first episode, we talk about the late 90s short lived Tim Curry/Annie Potts sitcom, “Over the Top.” Please note the angry comment on the show page about how that sitcom has nothing to do with comics. I also appeared on the Day 4 episode talking about last year’s meat truck incident.

During recording, we met Wolverine and Sabertooth:


Jeremy of Destroy All Podcasts noted Wolverine had a tattoo of himself:


Meanwhile, over at CBR, my write-up of the Astro Boy panel is up. The clips they showed looked quite good.

Also, one more cos-player picture. There’s something special about this one:


Tomorrow: Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, and Thomas Lennon in COMIC-CON: THE ROOM! A tale of phone calls, martinis, and the line ride.

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