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29 July, 2009 / Erik

Comic-Con: The Masquarade

In lieu of Fuller Equation chapter today, Future Threat presents this tale of Comic-Con:


In previous years, I’ve been known to voice my annoyance at cos-players. This all began with me witnessing an obnoxious display of Storm Troopers marching in formation and being very nearly trampled by Klingons many years ago. I’ve also been pushed aside by a guy in a Boba Fett costume. Maybe this is just a Star Wars/Star Trek thing as Doctor Who cos-players have been nothing but friendly.

This year, I decided to stop drinking the haterade. My Comic-Con experience was, consequently, a whole lot more fun. With that in mind, I was convinced by some of the Yakmala crew to watch the Masquarade.

Now before some of you think I’ve gone to the costumed dark side, I didn’t actually wait in a line or go to much effort. I joined up with the Yakmala gang in Hall 6A, three quarters of the way through the event. Within that hall, the show was being simulcast from the nearby Ballroom 20.

And thus I witness two G.I. Joe processions. Dr. Girlfriend sing about the Monarch, and the fresh styling of Jawa Pimp:


Thanks to io9 for a much better photo of Jawa Pimp than I could get on my camera phone.

So, all and all, the whole costume thing is pretty harmless, as long as people don’t let their armor go to their heads. Also, you occasionally find someone who goes the extra mile, like this chap:



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