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28 July, 2009 / Erik

Comic-Con: Green Lantern

Ever wanted to hear over 3600 people recite the Green Lantern Oath?

Green Lantern Oath – Comic-Con 2009

Producer Bruce Timm lead the Oath in front of the audience assembled last Thursday before a screening of “Green Latnern: First Flight.” Oh, and I have a review up at CBR:

The movie does an admirable job condensing the origin of Hal Jordan into seventy minutes. The plot feels a little rushed in certain sections while we wait for Sinestro to reveal his true aims. Once he does, however, the film picks up a head of steam leading to one of the great animated space battles. Incorporating elements from “Secret Origin” and “The Sinestro Corps War,” the film has a lot to accomplish and most of the realization is well done. In one scene, Sinestro visits the world of Qward to pick up his yellow power ring. While Qward is presented as being in the normal universe, the Qwardians make reference to their true home. Little details like this will please fans of the material.

More, as always at CBR.


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