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2 July, 2009 / Erik

Grant Morrison & Clive Barker @ Meltdown Hollywood

Last night, I was out at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. Clive Barker interviewed Grant Morrison before his book signing. I covered it for CBR. Here’s a sample:

When Barker opened the floor to questions, someone asked about Philip K. Dick. Morrison is not exactly an avid reader of the science fiction novelist often cited on the Internet as an influence. “I haven’t really read Philip K. Dick at all,” Morrison said, although he has read a biography on the man. Morrison has also read Dick’s enigmatic novel, “VALIS,” saying “it made sense to me.” He also read “Time Out of Joint” and “The Transmigration of Timothy Archer,” the latter being almost a straight literary novel with only implied science fiction underpinnings, according to Morrison.

I’ve seen Morrison several times at Q & A sessions and this question comes up a lot. More from Morrison and Barker plus awesome photos from my friend Duane McLemore at CBR.


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