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22 June, 2009 / Erik

Transformers Week: Day One

“I play a big toy who attacks a bunch of smaller toys.”

–Orson Welles

PeasFollowing through on the notion of Transformer’s week, let’s start with Orson Welles. As the fans out there know, one of Welles’s last jobs was portraying the voice of Unicron, the principle bad guy in the 1985 animated Transformers feature. Even then, I was aware of a man called Orson Welles. I may have seen the odd clip from the infamous Nostrodamus documentary he hosted, “The Man Who Saw the Future.” I also knew him from his appearence in “The Muppet Movie.”

So, going to Transformers the Movie at a long defunct AMC in Rosemead, CA, I had more idea of who was playing Unicron than just what a Unicron was.

But boy, did Welles leave an impression. To this day, I have this movie to thank for introducing me to the notion of oblivion. He also has this gem in the film:

Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Not exactly the best of dialogue, but fairly sophisticated for mid-80s cartoon movie. In all, Welles probably has no more than 20 lines through the whole movie, but they are some of the most memorable of the flick.

As some may know, I have a fascination with Welles, and it starts here. With Welles attacking smaller toys.


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