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21 June, 2009 / Erik

Transformers Week

With the coming of Michael Bay’s new Transfromer’s flick, I thought it might be fun to reflect on the concept in anticipation of the movie’s release. I loved the Transformers dearly when I was a child, but left them aside. The roughly contemporaneous Robotech holds far more affection from me than the granddaddy of cartoon-aided toy lines. However, I remember a great deal.

But before the week begin’s proper, let’s start with one of the early reviews of the film. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw had this to say about the new film:

I found it at once loud and boring, like watching paint dry while getting hit over the head with a frying pan. And at two and a half hours, it really is very long.

Ouch. I’d still argue anyone going to see a Michael Bay film expecting anything beyond loud is willfully looking to be disappointed. Here’s a link to the rest of the review, which is tinged with a tone of cinematic superiority.



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  1. David Sandey / Jun 22 2009 9:52 am

    Quote of the piece:

    Bay has turned up at the frame’s flat with some unguent massage oils, scented candles and a hundredweight of Viagra. It isn’t long before the headboard of the frame’s bed is crashing repeatedly against the wall

    Bradshaw at once gets it and completely misses the point. One must ask if he ever had the joy of picking up two Matchbox cars and flinging them at each other as hard as possible when he was a small child. Did he not progress to throwing his action men and tonka toys out of his 2nd storey bedroom window in his tween years just to see what happened? As for the highly “gifted” Megan Fox? Did this guy take drugs that wiped out his memory of the years 13-23? Can he not appreciate that she acts just well enough to make sure that she is lusted after for almost the entire time that she is on screen by said age group?

  2. Erik / Jun 22 2009 2:10 pm

    As Andi has pointed out several times, Michael Bay is the luckiest boy in the world. His movies are indeed, infantile, loud, explody, and often, shit. However, I don’t go to a Michael Bay movie expecting the Magnificent Ambersons. The Matchbox car analogy is perfect. The Transformer movies are, in fact, what happens to the toys when you get tired of them and start noticing girls.

  3. Clint / Jun 24 2009 9:44 am

    The issue though would not be the alleged loudness, but the alleged dullness to go along with it. A loud action movie is expected. A dull action movie, especially with a 2 & 1/2 hour runtime, is excruciating.

    We haven’t been hearing good things from the nerds my wife works with who got to see it for free last Sunday. “Don’t even talk to me about that movie”, etc. So if that’s how people feel when they got in free, how do you feel if you paid 12 dollars?

    All in all it sounds like it might have wanted to be a shorter flick.

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