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21 May, 2009 / Erik

Terminator Salvation: The CBR Review

My review of Terminator Salvation is up at CBR. Take a look:

The biggest problem in “Terminator Salvation” is its inability to decide whose movie it actually is. The publicity would have you believe it is about John Connor, played by Christian Bale. The script clearly presents Marcus as the principle character. In its fully realized form, Yelchin’s Kyle Reese takes the lead in all of his scenes. Bale’s Connor, though dynamic, disappears for much of the second act of the film, while Marcus and Reese attempt to cross the post-apocalyptic landscape. That translates into forty minutes of screentime where Bale is largely absent, except for a moment where he watches a Marcus and Reese action scene from his command bunker.

Having Connor search for Reese while Reese makes the journey to Connor is a genius idea, but the film does very little with it. Much like Connor’s absence in the second act, Reese disappears for much of the later half film. Marcus — now revealed as a Cylon-like Terminator with a human heart — and Connor form an uneasy alliance to infiltrate the T-800 production facility in San Francisco, where Reese and hundreds of humans are being harvested for the T-800 research. When one character becomes the goal of another, they cease to be active participants in the film. Reese is slightly better served as his occasional cut-away scenes make you wish the film was about his attempt to find the Resistance.

More at CBR.


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