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29 April, 2009 / Erik

“X-Men Origns: Wolverine” – The CBR Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the first summer movie to land in theatres this year. I reviewed it for CBR. Here’s a sample:

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” greatest asset is the title character. Both in the pages of a comic and personified by Hugh Jackman, Wolverine never fails to charm audiences. The film offers us a Wolverine rarely seen in mass-media, one in complete possession of his memories. Though quite similar, this Wolverine questions the thing he is best at doing. He would very much like to stop doing it, since it ain’t pretty. However, this is still an X-Men picture.


The number of characters necessitates the film have a road-movie format. Logan goes from location to location, meeting odd and interesting characters, including Ma and Pa Kent. Consequently, the film never sustains tension. Individual scenes are interesting, but the film lacks unity.

Full review at CBR.


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