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1 April, 2009 / Erik

Galactica 2010

You knew it had to happen:

For 150,00 years humanity lived safely on planet Earth. Long forgotten except in whispers and myths is the belief that life here began out there. Until …

A Cylon Baseship jumps into orbit immediately putting the Earth into an old and long forgotten conflict. The planet’s only hope: a Battlestar called Galactica.

That’s right. That’s the log line for a new TV Concept I read today. They’re planning a series called Galactica 2010 to run concurrent with Caprica to run on SyFy. The rumor is Jimmy Smits is being considered the lead.


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  1. redqueenar / Apr 13 2009 11:51 am

    It’s bad enough they steal all our really good ideas. Must they violently distort them for evil purposes, too?

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