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19 March, 2009 / Erik

Super Capers: The CBR Review

I’d call this my first out and out negative review is up at CBR. The film is Super Capers:

“Super Capers,” like “Mystery Men” before it, believes that misguided or amateur superheroes are inherently funny. In lieu of characters, we are given recognizable types whose fumbling is supposed to be an endless source of laughs. This is flawed logic. It is not that costumes heroes have to be grim and serious. Look at “The Tick,” which is the textbook for bumbling but well-meaning heroes. Even the 1960s “Batman” TV series, which always played the characters as straight, if a little overzealous as citizens, is a well written example of superheroes for laughs. Both shows have characters and the comedy grows out of their situations and predicaments.

More, as always, at CBR.


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