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6 March, 2009 / Erik


Today, Watchmen director Zack Snyder talks about his pre-show jitters and the support WB offered him while making the film:

The director does admit he expected “300” to have limited appeal. “There’s no way a mass audience is going to go for this movie; there’s these half-naked guys running around in leather bikinis giving me a history lesson. It’s just not going to work,” Snyder recalled. The director would like “Watchmen” to defy his expectations like “300” did. “I hope as much as possible that people get the irony of the movie and get what the movie is trying to do,” he explained. “The Deconstructionst aspect of the movie, it’s sort of the tear down of superhero mythology and re-understanding it, how it plugs into pop culture right now. The superhero movie is The Movie right now. It can be satirized in an intelligent way; not in the ‘Meet the Spartans’ style.”

More at CBR.


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  1. Louis / Mar 6 2009 10:41 am

    That’s the best title ever.

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