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5 March, 2009 / Erik


Today, Watchmen illustartor Dave Gibbons talks about the film:

Unlike his counterpart, writer Alan Moore, “Watchmen” artist Dave Gibbons has enjoyed a pleasurable Hollywood experience. Never seeing his name taken in vein or asked for a deposition, Gibbons has been able to be the book’s representative to a group of filmmakers and actors anxious to bring the material to life with reverence and verisimilitude. CBR News talked with Gibbons about the film version of his classic DC Comics graphic novel, about Alan Moore, and about some of the ancillary items connected with the “Watchmen” juggernaut.

His experience has been so free of pain, Dave Gibbons questions his ability to appraise the film’s adaptation. “I’m the worst person in the world to ask in a way,” he told CBR. Being the illustrator of the story, Gibbons thinks contribution has been faithfully replicated. “I sit in the dark and watch the movie and it’s a bit like what I saw when I closed my eyes when I was drawing the comic books and you see it happening … there are frames in there that are just bang on. I must say I was slightly worried. I love the movie. I’ve been enthusiastic. And I have the odd moment where I wonder, am I just flattered that they bothered to make a movie of it?”

More at CBR.


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