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4 March, 2009 / Erik

WHO PLAYS THE WATCHMEN? Malin Akerman & Patrick Wilson

Back with some more Watchmen material at CBR. Today, my interview with actors Malin Akerman and Patrick Wilson:

According to Patrick Wilson, fans at a recent preview screening had kind words about Laurie as she appears on screen. “The fans were saying [Malin] brought the character forward and made her a little more relevant,” he reported. “A lot of the fans complain about Laurie [in the book.] ‘Y’know, she’s just an incessant whiner.’”

Malin Akerman was unaware her character had that reputations amongst readers of the novel. “I hadn’t heard that. I’m so happy that the fans are pleased with it,” she said. “I did know that while it was being written, she was sort of an afterthought. Just to add a female character into it and she wasn’t one of the main roles at first. In the Absolute [edition of the book], you see all these vivid explanations of the characters and Laurie’s character is just kind of a half-page.”

More at CBR.


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