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3 March, 2009 / Erik

What Ever Happened to the Simulacrum of Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick died 27 years ago yesterday and, as his last wife Tessa reminds us, 35 years since the quasi-religious experience that led him to write VALIS.

And his android is still on the loose.

Built in 2005, the android spoke with Dick’s voice and, according to New Scientist, “capable of recognising people and holding rudimentary conversations.” He was scheduled to tour the country, in part, promoting the upcoming film version of “A Scanner Darkly.” He appeared at Comic-Con 2005 and various other shows.

By March of 2006, he was simply gone. The android developers’ blog has not been updated since 2005 and no follow-up to the New Scientist story has ever been published. Was the whole thing just a big stunt for the film or is he out there somewhere?

Somehow, it is a perfect ending.


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