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2 March, 2009 / Erik


More Watchmen than you can shake a tenticle at! Today’s article features the Producers of the film:

“There are two parts to this movie. It’s very simple. Setting it up and making it. And they were equally as difficult,” Gordon told CBR. Indeed, the producer likes to keep things simple. Asked why studios love to make superhero movies, he quickly responded, “They make money.” After the laughter died down, he continued, “I’m cutting to the bone. As soon as they stop making money, they’ll say ‘I hate those comic book movies, no more comic book movies.’” Further pressed as to why they make money, Gordon retorted, “[People] like them. Don’t try to make the movie business complicated. Some material is complicated. We have very complicated material. Seriously though, audiences like them.”

More at CBR.


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