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27 February, 2009 / Erik

CBR Looks at Ed Brubaker’s “Angel of Death”

Ed Brubaker’s “Angel of Death” premieres on Monday over at I reviewed they first four episodes for CBR:

With new episodes airing daily through March 13, Ed Brubaker’s “Angel of Death” opens with the action already underway. Zoe Bell’s Eve bursts into a room filled with non-descript tie-wearing guards. As she delivers blows and kicks, the screen fills with comic book-style panel frames. The pacing of each frame matches the pace of her attack. She reaches her target: a man she knows named Franklin. As they both reach for a gun, the screen fades to black and we hear gun fire.

Already, the show tells you a couple of things: It likes foley, the sound effects used to mimic punches and other miscellaneous sounds. It also feels at home using the movement of the comic page in its fight scenes.

When the fade concludes, we are told it is two weeks prior to the action scene. Here we are properly introduced to Eve, a professional killer, and her boss/lover, Graham. She is quickly given an assignment to dispose of someone and told to bring new recruit Franklin, played by Justin Huen, with her. As they discuss their plan, Franklin wonders about the identity of their target. Being the old pro, Eve informs him asking such questions eventually makes you a target for a hit. Eventually, Eve quickly does the deal, but unexpectedly runs into the mark’s daughter and her two guards. More guards and panel frames later, she takes a knife to the head. Managing to escape, the episode concludes with Franklin driving Eve away from the scene with the knife still imbedded in her skull.

More at CBR.


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