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26 February, 2009 / Erik

WHO PLAYS THE WATCHMEN? Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Jackie Earle Haley

More face time with cast and crew of Watchmen. Today, with the Comedian and Rorschach:

When actors Jackie Earle Haley and Jeffrey Dean Morgan talked to CBR News about the film based on the classic DC Comics graphic novel by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons, both called the chance to play the book’s most compelling and central characters, as Haley described it, “a pinch-yourself moment.”

Haley had been a child actor, most notably in the original “Bad News Bears” and “Breaking Away.” After a decade of unsteady work and a subsequent thirteen years out of the business all together, he returned to films in 2006 with “Little Children” and “All the King’s Men.” Speaking about his whirlwind return, Haley said, “It’s just been incredible: to have been a child actor and to watch that stuff slowly drift away; then to struggle for a few years and find my way in this world, and to have this kind of comeback. When Steve Zaillian called to put me in ‘All the Kings Men,’ it just opened up this door again and I was invited back into this world. It really seemed like an impossibility that just never would happen again. So, I can’t describe how incredible it’s been to practice this craft that’s something that means a great deal to me.”

More at CBR.


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