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25 February, 2009 / Erik

Dutch Elm Crisis

To strengthen our economy, we also need to address the crisis in health care. Republicans believe in a simple principle: No American should have to worry about losing their health care coverage, period. We stand for universal access to affordable health care coverage.

What we oppose is universal government-run health care. Health care decisions should be made by doctors and patients, not by government bureaucrats.

We believe Americans can do anything. And if we put aside partisan politics and work together, we can make our system of private medicine affordable and accessible for every one of our citizens.

— Governor Bobby Jindal

Mr. Jindal, I respectfully say, “No. We can’t.” The private medcial system in this country, in its current manifestion, has Dutch Elm Disease. It is rotten to the core and cannot be fix. Period.

That’s not to say the President or the Democrats are the Lord’s Angels flying on wings of a socialized medicine.  Some where inbetween the unfettered greed of now and the Soviet Nightmare that keeps you awake at night is an effective solution that puts money and control where they need to be: as localized as possible. The solution requires so much thought, compromise, balance, and long-game thinking that it will never come.

It always requires a genuine humanitarian effort. And we know that well has long dried up.

Between a pharmaceutical industry that loves to treat chronic patients and an insurance industry who fears what they represent to the all-precious Bottom Line is a gap of people sick, dying, and unable to receive the care they actually need because they’re caught between two spreadsheets. This is a problem for you, Mr. Jindal, and the rest of government, local and federal, to decide on. You have to choose which branch to cut.

Except we all know you, collectively, cannot bear to cut a single leaf.

Nevermind, while I extended this metaphor, that the disease is so widespread, so viciously attatched to the roots, bark, and trunk, that the only solution left is to cut the whole thing down and replant. No, we certainly can’t do that.

We have to live with the dying tree out front and watch it infect the rest of the neighborhood.


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  1. Louis / Feb 25 2009 11:36 pm

    Well said.

  2. David Sandey / Mar 10 2009 3:10 pm

    I’ll add my support to this statement.

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