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24 February, 2009 / Erik

WHO PLAYS THE WATCHMEN? Billy Crudup & Matthew Goode

Back at CBR with the first of several Watchmen related interviews/articles:

Crudup likens his performance as Doctor Manhattan to holding the strings. “I was just moving the puppet version of me,” he explained. In a suit he described as “a kind of elaborate pajamas,” Crudup controlled a computer simulation featuring a laser-scanned replica of his face and the ripped physique of the character. “They were attempting to capture all the nuance of the performance, too. Not that there was really anything to capture,” he joked. “But they were going to try to capture it if it was there. They shot it with high definition camera and sent it to … leprechauns somewhere.”

The actor’s high-tech suit also featured a lighting rig. “There were two things they were trying to accomplish: motion capture and to light the other characters with the blue light that Doctor Manhattan is supposed to emanate,” Crudup explained. “So, I had a suit that a bunch of blue lights on it, a battery pack that was pretty hot, and dots on my face.”

More at CBR.


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