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2 December, 2008 / Erik

Punisher War Zone: The CBR Review

I saw Punisher War Zone last night for CBR. Here’s a taste of my review:

the film aspires to the tone of comic book creators Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s seminal “Punisher: Welcome Back Frank” graphic novel, and generally succeeds. The action scenes are loud and well crafted, with a healthy dose of comedic edge. They are not camp, like you might fear in a comic book movie. Instead, the film embraces the cartoonish hyper-violence a character like The Punisher should engage in. Instead of trying to be serious in the fights, the filmmakers giddily embraced the absurdity of it all. Every action scene is immensely satisfying in its mix of explosions, blood splatter, and well-timed gore. For once, Frank gets to kill people in genuinely thrilling and interesting ways.

Pay particular attention to the “Urban Free Flow” Gang in the film. The first punishment in that group is a highlight of the film and the clearest signal of just how “War Zone” is intended to be received.

More at CBR.


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