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29 October, 2008 / Erik

On Set with Brubaker’s Angel of Death

Back before a Vegas Halloween with another CBR article.

Local superstition says the long abandoned Los Angeles mental hospital – which is now used exclusively for filming — is haunted. A ghostly doctor is said to be seen roaming the sixth floor, walking past patient rooms left in the condition of their last inhabitant – or last production to film there. This is the set of “Angel of Death.”

The direct-to-internet series stars Zoë Bell as Eve, a contract killer who intends to bite the hand that feeds her. While CBR News was on set, filming concerned Eve’s neighbor Vera, played by Lucy Lawless. The action of the take is simple enough: Vera enters the apartment to drop off some pamphlets and snoops around, making her way to a closet. Along the way, she takes special note of a pill bottle. With director, script supervisors, the monitors, and other production personnel ensconced in an alcove outside the room, the set is very much a world of its own.

More at CBR.


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