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4 October, 2008 / Erik

Comics to Console

One more from last weekend’s West Hollywood Book Faire. I covered a discussion about intergration between comics, film, and video games. Here’s a sample:

The panel believes the recent diversity in tone and concept of movies based on comics is indicative of a generation gap. Kids who grew up in the 1980s and saw comics become much more sophisticated now have decision making power in the studios and champion projects through the development cycle. Marks, using “The Dark Knight” as an example, stated, “[Christopher] Nolan and [David] Goyer had the opportunity to grow up on the Frank Miller era of the ‘80s Batman comics. I think that made a big difference compared to, say, ‘Batman and Robin,’ where they were reaching back to the [1960s] live action TV series.”

This will ultimately lead to a good video game movie, the panel said. “One will come out and make a lot of money,” Marks joked. Dille believes the serious approach is already on the horizon. “When ‘Iron Man’ came out, it did eighty million dollars its first week, that’s a lot of money. But that same weekend, ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ comes out and does 560 million. That doesn’t go unnoticed. Games are a real medium now; a real business,” he said.

More at CBR.


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