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28 August, 2008 / Erik

I Want to Believe

Time to take Future Threat’s Obama temperature …

Did you notice he said, “threats of the future” in his speech?

I really would like to believe. I am the very cynic he spoke of tonight. I assume the worst in all things at all times. Especially myself. I cannot trust quickly or easily. And having spent my entire life in a nation where trust was eroded away before my birth, you can’t expect me to drink the kool-aid. I am a part of the culture of fear that reaches further back into history than most our willing to admit. To me, the hope of progress turned to future threat very quickly in my life. I will always doubt and see anyone who occupies the center seat with suspicion.

And yet, I want to believe.

A half a hope in a Tin Woodsman is simply miraculous. I wonder if this country can conjure any more sights and wonders.

It would be progress.


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  1. shannon / Sep 8 2008 7:16 pm

    I echo this sentiment.

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