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28 July, 2008 / Erik

Comic-Con Wrap Up Pt. 1

A lot of people. A lot of overpriced foods. A lot of taxi rides. A lot of recirculated air. Comic-con was a difficult one to report on this year. I was stuck in a traffic for three hours as the remains of a Vons Meat Truck were cleared off Interstate Five. Meat obsticles typified the weekend. However, there are some good pictures, video, and stories to be told.

So far, only one CBR articles is available. Here is a clip:

Written in the late 60s, the technology Dick describes in “The Electric Ant” is analog and antiquated by today’s standards. Rather than modernizing it, Mack says he will use this to his advantage. “The [main] character himself is an outdated model. There are hints to tie other PKD stories in this one, with the inference that the new model of synthetic human is the Replicant. The old model is the Electricant — called Electric Ant as the slang term,” Mack explained. “It is kind of an antique. So the Electric Ant has an older style of internal mechanism. There is a kind of charm to it, but as you’ll see, it is difficult to find replacement parts of such an older model.”

More about Mack’s upcoming “Electric Ant” can be found here.

In the future, I hope to tell you about the Hellboy panel where Mike Mignola explained why he’ll never reveal the total origin of his characters. I also attended the Boom! Studios panel where they discussed some upcoming titles.


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