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22 July, 2008 / Erik

From “Stumptown” to San Diego with Southworth

And now, Future Threat enters the world of comics.  I think the sample speaks for itself:

Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth’s eagerly awaited new Oni Press series, “Stumptown,” begins this fall. In anticipation of that release, the creators have prepared a special preview story available this weekend at Comic-Con International in San Diego. CBR News spoke with artist Matthew Southworth about the preview story, the ongoing series, and his roundabout way into comics.

“Stumptown” is Southworth’s first major comics work, after inking the recent “Infinity Inc.” for DC Comics. Characterized by Rucka as the project he’s presently most excited about, “Stumptown” revolves around Dex, a private investigator living and working in Portland, Oregon, itself a major “character” in the book. “Portland still has the sense of modesty, a little more bruised romantic alcoholism about it,” Southworth told CBR News. “It’s a physically beautiful city, and it’s smart and liberal but not smug.  There’s a great feeling of working-class art about it.”

More, as always, at CBR.


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