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22 July, 2008 / Erik

Djimon Hounsou: Thulsa Doom Speaks

I spoke with Djimon Hounsou yesterday about his role in the upcoming “Thulsa Doom” film, based on the Robert E. Howard villian.

I’ve also been playing Conan on the Xbx 360, which is an odd bit of timing.

Here’s a clip:

Have you the chance to read the Robert E. Howard stories or to watch James Earl Jones’s take on the character in 1982’s “Conan the Barbarian?”

I’ve read some of [the stories] and seen Conan with James Earl Jones. Obviously, that’s where my passion for the story came from. I always think it’s quite exciting to see somebody who is trying to do good and finds himself turned so evil for the sake of that. Because of a few corrupt people around [him], it would force one to turn evil. I always find that quite intriguing.

More at CBR.


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  1. RedQueenAR / Jul 22 2008 7:30 pm

    You DID?!?!?!?!?! WTF!?!

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