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15 July, 2008 / Erik

HELM THE DARK KNIGHT: Christopher Nolan

Yet another Dark Knight Interview. This time, director Christopher Nolan. Here’s a peak:

The Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan is known for starting work on his films in his own backyard — or, rather, in his garage. “We did a lot of the design work in my garage at home; before we get too many people on the film,” he told CBR News. “It keeps it sort of a little more intimate and lets us kind of explore ideas without having a massive payroll of people that we have to feed drawings to and things.” Nolan said one of those garage design decisions was the creation of Batpod, Batman’s new way to get around Gotham. “It was something that my designer, Nathan Crowley and myself worked on along the lines of trying to produce a motorbike for Batman. We thought about, “what if you took an anti-aircraft gun and put it on wheels?’ We showed it to the special effects guys and they took one look at it and turned to Nathan and myself and said, ‘You don’t know anything about motorbikes, do you?’ And we had to admit that was true, but we said, ‘But it looks great! Can’t you find a way that it could work?’ And they did, they built this thing for real and it really runs. But, you know, in terms of full disclosure, there really is only one person in the world who can ride it, because it is extraordinarily difficult to ride and to steer and so forth.”

More at CBR.


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