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8 July, 2008 / Erik

The Mind of Stanley Kubrick

It is now well known just how voracious Kubrick was in his attention to detail. The Telegraph has an interview with his widow, Christiane, and a selection of his correspondence over the years. The following excerpt is from a letter Kubrick wrote to Robert Ettinger, an author concerned with cryogenics. One day I hope a book of Kubrick’s letters will be made available.

The Right Shot

The rigidity that would be created by, say, just the problem of having to be near your freezer at all times, will be an important social factor. The various legal considerations involved in the question of whether the people in the freezer were to be considered dead for purposes of tax, insurance and so forth or hibernating as you pointed out is also something which would require care and study. If you are proven correct (something unlikely to happen for a long time) your book will be a historical document. However, it is not possible to achieve anything resembling scientific agreement with your contention in its present unprovable state. Science and the world being what they are. Conservatism will always dominate imagination Far less imaginative and bewildering ideas than yours have been labelled crackpot for a long time before people were able to think about them. Perhaps it is not as surprising as it may seem that the book does not yet paralyse society. I think it would probably be very worthwhile if you were able to accomplish even a small commercial enterprise undertaking (no pun intended) to carry out your program. Any addition of reality to your idea would greatly help it. In closing I am still puzzled and so is I’m sure everyone else who has read your book about the step by step procedure someone might follow on his own. I think you tend to gloss over the banal difficulties. It’s almost impossible to get a sink repaired.


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