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8 July, 2008 / Erik


In another Dark Knight related interview, I talked to Christian Bale about being Batman. Here’s a taste:

In preparing for the role of Batman, first in “Batman Begins” and now for this month’s “The Dark Knight,” actor Christian Bale was concerned with striking the right pitch for the character. “I met with [director] Chris [Nolan]. I had read Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: Year One,’ I had read various other graphic novels,” Bale told CBR News. “For the first time I’d seen something interesting in Batman which I’d never seen before, that was more the tone how I wished to portray him. I expressed that to Chris, he told me how he wanted to make the movie, it seemed very compatible and so he decided, yes, he would cast me for it,” he recalled.

Bale believes he has stuck the correct truthful tone with his performance. “I feel like we’ve kind of gone back to its roots, when I’ve spoken with friends of Bob Kane, relatives, they’ve said, ‘No, he meant this to be a very dark character.’ He always viewed what Adam West did so well [positively], but he was spoofing Batman, he wasn’t really playing Batman [in the 1960s television series].”

More at CBR.


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