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1 July, 2008 / Erik

Take the Canolli

When DVD first appeared, my benchmark for its staying power was this: “When Criterion starts making DVDs, I’ll buy in.” When the HD Format War began, my benchmark became, “Whichever format gets the Godfather.”

Godfather Cover ArtOn September 23rd, Paramount is releasing the Godfather films on DVD for a second time. Yawn. What makes this release in anyway intriguing to Future Threat is not only the simultaneous Blu-Ray release, but the painstaking restoration of the first two films.

Some backstory. When the Godfather was first released on DVD a few years ago, they used master copies from a restoration effort in 1996. Those results were not spectacular. Compared to restorations available on DVD at the time, the Godfather and the Godfather Part II look crummy with visible dirt, scratches, and other artifacts still rather apparent. This time around, a complete restoration of the negatives and other surviving film elements took place.

The Blu-ray release is a legitimate advancement in the way the films are presented. A high-definition release of two of American Cinema’s most important works, sourced from a pristine master. Yeah, you have to accept a copy of Part III, but the point still stands. In a few short months since the end of the Format War, Blu-Ray has amassed a compelling amount of releases for the holiday season. If you should recieve or are thinking of gifting one come December, the movies will be there to prove it a sound investment.

Just don’t waste your time double-dipping for the DVD re-release.


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