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30 June, 2008 / Erik

Write the Dark Knight: the Writers

I interviewed David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan about writing the Dark Knight. The customary sample follows:

In bringing the Joker to the vision of Gotham outlined in “Batman Begins,” the writers found they could bring a vital aspect of the character unseen in previous iterations. “The thing I am most excited about in regards to that character is, at least for me, it’s the first time on screen that he’s really frightening,” Goyer said. “That’s what I’ve been telling people. You’re really going to be frightened by him.”

For Nolan, the appeal was that the Joker “cuts through the film. That he’s an elemental.”

To that end, Goyer and Nolan chose to give the Joker no origin. “He just is. He’s more interesting without [it,]” Goyer explained.

More at CBR.


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