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26 June, 2008 / Erik

Wanted: the CBR review

My review of “Wanted” acknowledges the filmmaker’s choice to make sweeping alterations to the story from its source graphic novel. With respect to that, the review is presented in both “If you have read” and “if you haven’t” viewpoints. Here’s a clip from each:

If you haven’t …

McAvoy is the highlight of the case. With the majority of the other characters delivering largely silent performances — except for Freeman and brief appearance by Terrance Stamp — McAvoy carries the film largely on his voice-over narration and charm. In the early parts of the movie, the Scottish actor effortlessly hits the exact tone Steven Spielberg throws millions at to make Shia LaBeouf look plausible. When McAvoy has ascended to “God of Killers” rank, you buy his conversion.

If you have…

The biggest disappoint of the “Wanted” movie by far is the complete gutting of the title. Despite all the super-villainy, raping, and territorial intrigue, Millar and Jones’s “Wanted” is about a lad whose life is dominated by the lack of a father’s love. It is only though the Killer’s machinations that Wesley ever becomes some sort of a man. It is only when the Killer submits to die that Wesley ever feels … wanted. This is the thread Hollywood movies usually love. How many Spielberg pictures entirely depend on being “wanted?” Yet, in the film, this notion is merely glanced at and cast aside for a bog-standard, “not-all-is-as-it-seems” third act.

More at CBR.


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