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18 June, 2008 / Erik

Wanted: James McAvoy

Beginning a series on the upcoming Universal release, “Wanted” I spoke with James McAvoy for CBR. Here’s a clip:

Though “Wanted” is an action piece, McAvoy believes his character comes for a familiar, mundane reality. “The character starts in a very truthful, sad place,” he said. “He’s a proper sufferer of postmodern depression and apathy. I think that’s a condition, man, that’s all too evident amongst young men and women who’ve got fine lives; who can’t bring themselves to smile or feel better about their ‘horrible’ existence, and I thought that was quite an interesting place for your everyman to start from.”

McAvoy admits he had a few mundane jobs in his time. He worked as a banker for two years and trained to be a confectioner. “The guy standing beside me”who was the grand master confectioner”he would, in a very kind of Zen fashion, make big cream cakes and wedding cakes and birthday cakes and things like that. I’d happily jam my sponge [into the cakes], then cream a thing. I did that and that was like a conveyor belt of cream cakes and jam cakes. It was very banal.”

More at CBR.



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  1. RedQueenAR / Jun 19 2008 10:45 am

    Good piece. And you’re right, I like him a lot especially for this: “It was scenes like that that made me think, well, I think the actor in me is not going to be unemployed for four and a half months while I do action, do you know what I mean?” True and correct! I keep telling Prince Charming’s little army the same thing, y’know? These things are very, very character driven as well as explodey.

  2. Aimee / Jun 19 2008 4:55 pm

    You spoke to James McAvoy? Dreamy! Did you give him my number :-)

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