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24 April, 2008 / Erik

Speed Zone: Matthew Fox on Racer X

My series on Speed Racer continues:

In Fox’s view, Racer X is a “satellite orbiting” the Speed Racer family and looks to protect Speed as he enters the world of professional racing. While Racer X speaks with “this sort of anime voice” inspired by the original series, Fox said he did not strive for the over-expressive style associated with anime. “The world is so fantastic that the one thing that the audience has to identify is with the human beings and the characters.” Fox suggested attempting that sort of performance “would alienate the audience.” Instead, he grounded Racer X in the human situation of a man who becomes a masked do-gooder. What affectations are present, he said, exist for Racer X “to protect himself from the memory of who he was.” Fox thinks Racer X’s situation is “almost disturbing.”

More at CBR.


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  1. Tim / Apr 25 2008 8:23 am

    Nice job, there!

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