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9 March, 2008 / Erik

When Obama Worship Gets Out of Hand

Now, I’ve previously announced myself as ABH here at Future Threat, but professional cynicism prevents me from shouting “Yes We Can!” from rooftops. In fact, I’m more likely to do live Rick-rolling events. I’d be pleased to see the guys succeed, but do we really need this?


It’s a little scary andm being the professional cynic, I have to ask: will it all evaporate when he is not given a chance at the big chair?



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  1. RedQueenAR / Mar 9 2008 6:30 pm

    To answer your questions in order “No, but it’s funny.” and “Yes.”

    (Martin Lawrence would be an *awful* vice president.)

  2. Dave / Mar 26 2008 12:48 am

    Obama’s the kung-fu hippie/from Gangsta City/He’s a rappin’ surfer/you the fool I pity

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