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3 March, 2008 / Erik

God’s Angry Man

I miss Doctor Gene Scott.

For those of you who’ve never heard of him, he was a Los Angeles-based television preacher. I’m loathe to call him a televangelist, because his act was very unique and special. Though his show was primarily about the Lord, he often veered into odd topics, Atlantis, and famously, grousing in silence when the donations weren’t coming in fast enough. In the late 80s, his set resembled the geodesic design of the main set from “You Can’t Do That on Television.” He also appeared before Wally George’s Hot Seat program and the pair made for the best of local television. Both were white haired hot heads so dedicated to their premises, they could be mistaken for Kaufmanesque performers. What sets Scott above all others in the now dead arena of local Los Angeles broadcasting is this:


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