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25 February, 2008 / Erik


Hundreds of fans, with their kids in tow, attended the premiere of the new animated series “The Spectacular Spider-Man” at WonderCon in San Francisco on Saturday, a full two weeks before it’s set to air on Kids’ WB! on The CW network. Following the screening, Sony Pictures Television’s Michael Vogel moderated a discussion that included supervising producer Greg Wiseman, supervising director Victor Cook, character designer Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, voice actors Josh Keaton (Spider-man/Peter Parker) and Ben Diskin (Eddie Brock). The panelists discussed the pleasures of bringing the Spider-Man characters back to television and their hopes for the series.

More at CBR.


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  1. Blake / Feb 25 2008 8:55 pm

    At least it’s traditional animation. That thing on MTV a few years back a) didn’t look good and b) strayed too far from the Spider-Man comics. I watched the two trailers on the link and read the entire article: Blending that punchy, fun Stan Lee early ’60s style with the benefit of retrospect and Bendis-ish style rearranging seems like a promising approach.

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