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25 January, 2008 / Erik

Vegas Casinos on Fire!


I’m a news director at Southern California TV station with nothing for my lead and I’m waiting for Heath Ledger’s toxicology report to come in (six weeks!?), I need something to fill my five hours of news, so um … let’s make a big deal about some building in another state because it’s on fire! That’ll keep my ratings up.

Why can’t we get toxicology tests back in six hours?

Seriously, though … it’s absolutely silly for the LA area stations to run long shots of the Monte Carlo on fire. How does this impact anybody except the people directly in the path of destruction? I didn’t even recall the existence of the Monte Carlo.

That’s the hotel that opened with the Magic of Lance Burton, right?



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  1. Tim / Jan 28 2008 11:39 am

    “You’ll never forget….Lance Burton.” — A billboard we saw EVERYWHERE at Vegas a few years ago.

  2. Shannon / Jan 29 2008 6:03 pm

    Turns out the fire was actually an illusion set to music. Lance Burton could be seen below with a chimpanzee and some s’mores.

    The Monte Carlo paid millions for the advertisement to be blasted all over the Southern California.

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