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12 December, 2007 / Erik

Merry Christmas. James Brown love you. Come and See My Show

Back in the days of the Satellite Show, we’d do the annual Xmas Office Party episode. Over the course of four years, we accumulated a rather diverse body of songs not sung by Burl Ives. Of those, I’d like to talk about a couple of them:

The Twin Peaks 12 Days of Xmas was produced by KROQ in Los Angeles something like 15 years ago. Utilizing Kyle MacLachlan, Kimmy Robertson, Jack Nance, Dana Ashbrook, and Frank Silva in their characters singing an appropriately rethemed version of the old wassailing frontal attack. Nance’s “a body … dead … wrapped in plastic” keeps this one a must every holiday season.

Soulful Christmas is an amazing track not just for it’s damned good music, but because it becomes a self-serving promotional tool for James Brown. While extolling the virtues of the Yuletide and thanking his audience, he ultimately tells them to come see his show. The important thing here, while you’ve done a good job showing why James Brown should love you, you need to keep proving your love. Therefore, in order to keep the love of James Brown, you must see the show. It takes a special genius to use the final seconds of a Christmas song to advertise your upcoming concert dates. That’s why we love James Brown.



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