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11 December, 2007 / Erik

Stuck Inside of Xmas with the Yuletide Blues

So the Yakmala Movies group conveines on Saturday for Yulemala II. The annual Yulemala is a celebration of that special kind of Yakmala film: the holiday movie!

What the hell happened to holiday movies? Were they always just filled with schmaltz and insincerity? Consider this: would we tolerate a movie today where the hero begins as a Mall-Santa? I don’t believe we have the innocence left to take on board the five impossible things Miracle on 34th Street asks of us. Of course, that loss of feeling and the saturation of such false films as The Night They Saved Christmas has left us with that most disturbing filmic trend of the 21st Century: the Christmas Blows movie. Oh, you’ve seen posters for them and just kept walking. No amount of good will for Ice Cube or Matthew Broderick will get you to see films where a male protagonist becomes obsessed with one superficial aspect of the Yuletide only to learn to the true meaning of friendship and brotherhood (or “brothership” if you’d like). Many of these films feature people breaking any number of laws and not paying for their crimes. Property damage is all right with Santa as long as you learn the True Meaning of Christmas.*

So instead of ripping apart a film like Santa Claus the Movie or Single Santa Looking for Mrs. Claus (thought I can, later), I’d like to direct your attention to a trully remarkable Xmas tale, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus. It is a Rankin/Bass claymation type production based on the work L. Frank Baum in which we learn Santa if part of a group of immortals who wage war on Ogres who keep the world in misery.

Yes, I’m serious. Who says Xmas can’t have a good battle?


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