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26 September, 2007 / Erik

The Threat Barrier

[Today’s midday post was inspired by this essay in the New York Times.]

I watched a short featurette on the Robinson Crusoe on Mars DVD the other night. In it, they mention how NASA was relieved the last few Apollo mission were scrubbed, as the danger factor was becoming too high for them.

Our backing away from space is the greatest example of our own inward cynicism and fear. The human race hates itself. It refuses to believe it built pyramids or could create the concepts of justice and morality. It looks to floating clouds and discs for the source of these seemingly divine intrusions on the crude and sick reality. It still sees the sky as the ultimate barrier and proof of its unworthy existence. It prays for the sky to rain down upon it and end the pain. The joke here, of course, is that we breathed life into the sky and set it as our landlord. We can break the lease at anytime if only we could muster the will to do it. Progress isn’t easy and our great flaw is our natural flight instinct in the face of the responsibility we must take to insure the future we glimpsed so long ago.

Instead, we succumb to the future threat.


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